A good way to interact with colleagues without thinking about work.


Everyone loves to take photos, draw the crowds with the photobooths and include perosnlaised keyrings to your package so they have a memory of the festival and reverse of keyring with your logo/message.

Product launch

Great to gather crowds and new clients to introduce your products/services to. Whilst there are queues, staff can interact with prospective clients

Christmas parties

Your staff, colleagues will have endless fun with some great memories to take away. Photobooths are a great way to start any corporate party as it gets all your staff in the right mood for a party and to forget about work for 1 night to be able to relax with colleagues.


Brand the booth with your logo/special advertising to show off current and new products.

Social media

Upload photos to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Have your own hashtag so clients are uploading their photos with your company details. Excellent way to get more involved with social media sites and generate brand awareness

Data gathering

See what people think of your products/services by asking few questions prior to taking a photo. They can email photos to themselves and so you also have a database with fresh clients.

Bespoke photobooth

Brand the booth from inside, out with your company logo or design. We will have a one off fee to print the panels, we will also store on your behalf and bring out to events with us, saving you from any storage or travel costs. Our staff can also wear clothing provided by you with your branding.