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    Our newest next level photo experience using multiple cameras to create an 180 degree GIF for 3d effect. Guests can enjoy jumping during this photo take and add confetti/ bubbles for awesome outputs. Photo outputs would have your logo or branding.

    Sharing station included for immediate Email, text and social media sharing. Data capture included so you receive a copy of email addresses for future advertising.

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    Light Painting Booth

    A new and cool photo experience. Keep guests in suspense when they have a photo taken, our trained attendant will draw around them using special coloured lights. See your photos come to life with vibrant colours and shapes in the background. Sharing station optional.

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  • GIF Booth

    GIF Booth

    Have fun with different photos taken and then turned into GIFs. Lots of fun & laughs when you look back at these GIFs. Add some confetti to this booth for great still images. This comes with a sharing option so you can have it on Email and Social Media immediately.

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  • Mirror booth

    Magic Mirror Booth

    Our newest addition which is the must have for events. This booth is an open booth so can fit as many people as possible. It take full length photos, and has funky features including a scream bar so your guests can really get into the party spirit by screaming and shouting as loud as they can. Guests can also leave their mark in the photos by signing them at the end. You can also opt for your guests to activate the booth by waving their hands using our gesture control. This works best with maximum 2 people. Another great feature with this booth is that you can have green screen backgrounds without the actual green screen curtain. Takes minimum space at a venue.

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  • LED Inflatable Square

    They’re something completely different and will surprise and delight your guests, while complimenting your venue. The changing LED internal lights means you can choose from different colours or have all colours changing.

    The photo booth outer walls are white and internal walls are also white – perfectly suited for any venue or occasion.

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  • Oval Black & Gold Booth

    The Oval Booth is one of the most popular options for photo booth hire. Its vintage yet elegant look is perfect for most venues.

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  • Oval Chesterfield Booth

    The Oval Chesterfield is a new design recently added to our collection. Fits in with themes which are Black & Silver. Fits most venues and ideal for any occasion.

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  • Selfie Pod

    Selfie Pod

    Our new selfie pod means that any selfie you could possibly imagine for you and your friends is now possible in superb hi-resolution digital quality. The pod is highly portable, allowing you to place it in front of any landmark you choose and create brilliant selfie’s that can instantly be uploaded to your social media accounts to be shared with the world.

    This unique booth allows for still photos, GIFs, Boomerangs and Instant Sharing to Email, Text & Instagram

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  • LED Inflatable Igloo PhotoBooth

    The photo booth outer walls are white and internal walls are purple – perfectly suited for any venue or occasion especially winter themed events.

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